1. Man this is sad. George brings donuts and all we do is take photos. Let’s eat! (at Do-Rite Donuts & Coffee)

  2. A clear view for a foggy night. (at The Mid-America Club)

  3. Soggy day, crisp apples. Picasso’s still fresh too. (at Richard J. Daley Center)

  4. Chris Whitaker of @codeforamerica at @msftchicago (at Aon Center)

  5. Last call for Paul. #konerko (at U S Cellular Field)

  6. Last call for baseball. (at Chicago White Sox Us Cellular Field)

  7. It’s Paulie’s world. We just play in it.

  8. Rhine’s back for a visit.

  9. Hallway conversations continue Saturday at Chicago School of Data conference #chidata (at Willis Tower)

  10. 2014 East Village Association block party